Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We get pulled in multiple directions on a regular basis. To get ahead, you must master these 9 sales strategies!

Once you’ve launched your new business, you’ll want to consider what channels are the most appropriate for reaching your target audience. Knowing the fundamentals of good sales techniques will help get you on track and get results fast. If you apply the right mindset, you’ll build something a lot bigger than yourself.

Nine entrepreneurs offer their best advice for new business owners just getting started:

1. You learn a lot through open-ended questions.
2. Listening is more important than talking.
3. Sales is about solving problems.
4. Good sales is about great storytelling.
5. You can’t win them all.
6. Nothing is real until it’s in writing.
7. Feedback is fundamental.
8. Selling is a consistently evolving strategy.
9. It’s OK to say ‘no.’

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