We’re Hiring: Construction Sales Reps

We’re Hiring: Construction Sales Reps

About the role:

Our Client is currently looking for an experienced professional to fill 3 Sales Representative positions for a 12-month contract position. Sales Representatives will work within a team and be responsible for bringing in new clients for a construction and demolition company. This person will execute marketing strategies to drive penetration and manage growth in the target markets. If you are a high energy and results oriented person looking for an opportunity to work with a high performing sales team, we’d love to hear from you!

Position Overview:

You are a sales professional looking to demonstrate your natural talent for relationship building and innovation in a dynamic consumer oriented environment. You have experience with meeting targeted sales projections in a competitive setting. You are not afraid to explore outside of your comfort zone, and always open to learning. People would describe you as comfortable and structured in your approach.


  • Develop and foster leads
  • Build relationships with existing and prospective clients
  • Leverage your existing network and continue growth with connections
  • Responsible and accountable for executing sales and marketing plans


Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Demonstrate influence and strategy skills
  • Planning and promotion  
  • Risk management and conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent leadership, analytical, communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to develop strong relationships, meet tight deadlines and tolerate ambiguity
  • Program management
  • Valid Driver’s License Ability to travel within the city of Edmonton

Required Professional Designation/Certification & Experience:

  • A degree, or equivalent experience, is preferred but not required, preference will be given to those with degrees in Marketing/Business or a related field
  • 3+ years progressive experience in a commissioned sales environment  

Must have skills:

  • Ability to develop strong relationships
  • Strong organization and leadership skills
  • Experience with residential and small business marketing loyalty programs
  • Ability to leverage market knowledge to create and manage strategic plan
  • Ability to work well independently with minimal supervision
  • Must be comfortable with approaching people on a construction/job site

Nice to have skills:

  • Experience in construction or demolition
  • Natural ability to easily connect with others

To apply send your resume to [email protected]

9 Sales Strategies For New Business Owners

9 Sales Strategies For New Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. We get pulled in multiple directions on a regular basis. To get ahead, you must master these 9 sales strategies!

Once you’ve launched your new business, you’ll want to consider what channels are the most appropriate for reaching your target audience. Knowing the fundamentals of good sales techniques will help get you on track and get results fast. If you apply the right mindset, you’ll build something a lot bigger than yourself.

Nine entrepreneurs offer their best advice for new business owners just getting started:

1. You learn a lot through open-ended questions.
2. Listening is more important than talking.
3. Sales is about solving problems.
4. Good sales is about great storytelling.
5. You can’t win them all.
6. Nothing is real until it’s in writing.
7. Feedback is fundamental.
8. Selling is a consistently evolving strategy.
9. It’s OK to say ‘no.’

GROE 100 Day 20: Go For No Close

GROE 100 Day 20: Go For No Close

When people are guarded, they aren’t listening to you and they’re not responding honestly to your questions.

A lot of times people are guarded because they’re threatened by salespeople, and think that they will be pressured and tricked into buying something they don’t really need. This approach is designed as a technique that lets them know that it’s ok for them to say no.

The prospect is so concerned about being sold – nobody likes being sold! The go for no close helps to alleviate this uneasy feeling and helps you both figure out if you’re a right match to work together.

As we’ve said before, they buy you first! Let your prospect know that you’re not trying to sell them something, but that you are simply trying to find out whether or not they would like to work with you.

Give them these three criteria to judge you on: Do you like me? Do you trust me? Do you believe I can do the job well?

“Do you like me? Do you trust me? Do you believe I can do the job well?”

Tell them that if you don’t meet the criteria, you want them to say no and it’s okay to say no. If you do meet it, you want them to say yes and then you can mutually agree on how to move forward. The only thing you don’t want is a maybe because it’s not a decision.

Maybes are the most costly leads because they waste so much of your time chasing them down to set meetings just to find out that they were never quality leads to begin with. This is a great technique to use in approaches and in meetings because it’s a great tool for prequalifying.

This will save you so much time chasing leads that have no interest in what you are selling, and allow you to focus on those who feel that what you offer is important!

It’s important to be well respected and well paid in your profession! Having the go for no close in your toolbox as something you are comfortable with will really help you accomplish this! It’s especially important to use this technique well when you’re in a very competitive market because the difference between you and your competitors is you!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing reviewing your day and planning tomorrow!

In life, you’re either moving forward or going backwards. It’s impossible to stand still with everything moving around you. Planning your day keeps you focused on what really matters and reviewing your day makes sure you get it done!

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!

GROE 100 Day 19: Having a Sense of Humor

GROE 100 Day 19: Having a Sense of Humor

In sales, the customer always buys you first!

The mistake a lot of us make is that we allow scripts and corporate influence to take over our personality. Because of this, we come off as very lackluster and untrustworthy. When it comes to business, it’s easy to take yourself too seriously and it’s almost never perceived well by the person you are sitting with.

Let’s face it – sales can be stressful! There’s no need to make it any worse that it has to be, and people can tell when you’re having an off day. If you’re tired, bored and in a horrible mood it shows when you’re calling people. The wrong mood can make it impossible to book meetings!

“If you’re not enjoying your job, you won’t last long!”

When people talk to you on the phone, you have to be the same laid back person you are in your meetings. People want a reason to come and see you, and if a candid sounding person asks them to come in and buy something, they just won’t! Having a fun conversation where you also invite them for a meeting gives them a reason to want to come.

The sense of humor we use in these blogs is actually what makes them so fun to write! The truth is, we are even more hilarious in real life. Nick is often sarcastic and quick witted with a smart-ass response for everything.

Meanwhile, I’m a total spitfire when it comes to his remarks, but I also have a very silly and bubbly side and act as though I’m sweet as pie… even though I’m always pulling pranks on Nick and driving him crazy!

Our constant banter is what makes us such a great team, and it keeps our clients well entertained as our battle of wits unfolds. We love what we do, and it shows in how well we engage our clients!

Why not make it fun? Use humor!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing the go for no close!

The Go for No close is all about being open. I use it in approaches and meetings to build stronger relationships and prequalify leads. Definitely a great tool for those that care about their clients!

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!

GROE 100 Day 18: Influencers

GROE 100 Day 18: Influencers

Making friends with the right people can really help you get far in sales.

People always listen to those who they trust, so if you are associated with someone who people trust it will automatically eliminate those barriers.

Befriending influencers help break down those barriers because people already trust them. Their recommendation becomes that much more powerful. Find out who people in your market or community that people go to advice, and go out of your way to become their friend!

Having connections really unlock what you are able to do and who you’re able to approach. You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve gone to events and concerts and have been allowed access to VIP areas and restricted zones because of who we knew.

“Not only does it allow us to brag every chance we get, but it’s an amazing opportunity to network with the right people!”

Although this is somewhat of an advanced technique, you truly have to put being a good person ahead of always trying to sell. Being genuine, trustworthy and dependable is the best way to gain the friendship of the Influencer. Being able to have an authentic relationship with an influencer really helps to save time in prospecting, because you’re automatically surrounded by the right people.

My funny VIP story! When I worked at EB Games, I essentially knew everyone in my hometown. I’m sure you know of the rapper Classified! He came to our new sports complex to do a concert with David Myles, and I had to work that night. After work, I went to meet up with Jamie and I got to the admission line and realized – Jamie has my ticket! Even worse is that Jamie also had my ID.

Thankfully, the head of security was a regular of mine at work and was whose line I wound up in. Two weeks before this, his son’s xbox one broke and Microsoft wouldn’t do anything to help so I called in a favor and was able to exchange it for a brand new one. I was also able to throw in some bonus codes for Call of Duty, and ended up saving him almost a thousand bucks. I told him I was there to meet my boyfriend and our two friends. He slapped a VIP bracelet on my wrist, put 3 more in my clutch that he had to “search” and told me to go have fun. The bracelets also got us access to free booze, and the afterparty where also got VIP access to the bar and got to meet Classy 🙂

Needless to say, it pays to be a decent human being!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing the beauty of humor in sales!

it’s important to show your personality during sales to attract the right customers. The best customers are ones that you can build strong relationships with and humor is a great tool!

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!