When people are guarded, they aren’t listening to you and they’re not responding honestly to your questions.

A lot of times people are guarded because they’re threatened by salespeople, and think that they will be pressured and tricked into buying something they don’t really need. This approach is designed as a technique that lets them know that it’s ok for them to say no.

The prospect is so concerned about being sold – nobody likes being sold! The go for no close helps to alleviate this uneasy feeling and helps you both figure out if you’re a right match to work together.

As we’ve said before, they buy you first! Let your prospect know that you’re not trying to sell them something, but that you are simply trying to find out whether or not they would like to work with you.

Give them these three criteria to judge you on: Do you like me? Do you trust me? Do you believe I can do the job well?

“Do you like me? Do you trust me? Do you believe I can do the job well?”

Tell them that if you don’t meet the criteria, you want them to say no and it’s okay to say no. If you do meet it, you want them to say yes and then you can mutually agree on how to move forward. The only thing you don’t want is a maybe because it’s not a decision.

Maybes are the most costly leads because they waste so much of your time chasing them down to set meetings just to find out that they were never quality leads to begin with. This is a great technique to use in approaches and in meetings because it’s a great tool for prequalifying.

This will save you so much time chasing leads that have no interest in what you are selling, and allow you to focus on those who feel that what you offer is important!

It’s important to be well respected and well paid in your profession! Having the go for no close in your toolbox as something you are comfortable with will really help you accomplish this! It’s especially important to use this technique well when you’re in a very competitive market because the difference between you and your competitors is you!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing reviewing your day and planning tomorrow!

In life, you’re either moving forward or going backwards. It’s impossible to stand still with everything moving around you. Planning your day keeps you focused on what really matters and reviewing your day makes sure you get it done!

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!

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