Our topic today is the importance of sifting through your prospects to focus on those that are going to be worth your time versus the ones that aren’t. Especially when starting off, it’s very important to prequalify your leads because it will reduce the amount of “no shows” and increase your earnings.

First, you have to find out whether or not they actually have a need for your product and make sure it’s in their price range. Then the key is to establish urgency. The more emphasis you place on their need for what you have to offer, the sooner they will take action and sign the contract.

Sales managers often make the mistake of encouraging that you book and book and book (we’ve been there, done that and wore the matching t-shirts!), but there’s no point in doing this unless you’re pursuing quality leads.

There’s such a misconception with sales and number of appointments. It has nothing to do with the quantity, and everything to do with the quality of prospects you’re sitting down with.

Going through these processes ensure that you’re spending your time most effectively and sitting down with the right people. By creating a situation to be successful, you will not only have a higher show and close ratio, but you’ll also get way better referrals and amazing retention. There is so much that filters into getting to the close, and this is the most important step along the way. Knowing how to properly qualify your leads is essential for making the most of your business!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing ways to create a sense of urgency!

Asking the right questions guides the conversation so that you don’t waste your time! Tomorrow we’ll be discussing different techniques that I’ve used to get results in different types of sales.

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!

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