In sales, the customer always buys you first!

The mistake a lot of us make is that we allow scripts and corporate influence to take over our personality. Because of this, we come off as very lackluster and untrustworthy. When it comes to business, it’s easy to take yourself too seriously and it’s almost never perceived well by the person you are sitting with.

Let’s face it – sales can be stressful! There’s no need to make it any worse that it has to be, and people can tell when you’re having an off day. If you’re tired, bored and in a horrible mood it shows when you’re calling people. The wrong mood can make it impossible to book meetings!

“If you’re not enjoying your job, you won’t last long!”

When people talk to you on the phone, you have to be the same laid back person you are in your meetings. People want a reason to come and see you, and if a candid sounding person asks them to come in and buy something, they just won’t! Having a fun conversation where you also invite them for a meeting gives them a reason to want to come.

The sense of humor we use in these blogs is actually what makes them so fun to write! The truth is, we are even more hilarious in real life. Nick is often sarcastic and quick witted with a smart-ass response for everything.

Meanwhile, I’m a total spitfire when it comes to his remarks, but I also have a very silly and bubbly side and act as though I’m sweet as pie… even though I’m always pulling pranks on Nick and driving him crazy!

Our constant banter is what makes us such a great team, and it keeps our clients well entertained as our battle of wits unfolds. We love what we do, and it shows in how well we engage our clients!

Why not make it fun? Use humor!

Tomorrow, we’ll be discussing the go for no close!

The Go for No close is all about being open. I use it in approaches and meetings to build stronger relationships and prequalify leads. Definitely a great tool for those that care about their clients!

During the GROE 100, we’ll be giving daily tips to change the way you attract and interact with customers!

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