Prospecting is simply the art of doing more, faster. You MUST be able to filter through conversations, people, and opportunities to determine their value. If you skip this process, you may waste valuable time on something that’s not worth your while.

When I started in sales, I wanted to talk to absolutely everyone! I would go into every business to talk to anyone and everyone that would speak with me. I had tonnes of meetings that got nowhere. It’s frustrating being super busy but not getting the results I wanted!

A mentor saw an endless drive and passion within me. He knew that I wanted to succeed…no matter what! He took me under his wing and taught me the basics of prospecting that I still use today.

5 Prospecting Principles to do more, faster:


You need to be prepared

Before you even talk to anyone…you need to be prepared. Consider these questions:

  • What type of people do I want to work with?
  • What can I offer my customers?
  • What do I want to accomplish in each conversation?

Asking these simple questions keeps you focused. You’ll talk to the right people and filter through each conversation faster. TIP: Be 15 minutes early to review these questions.


Be respectful of prospects time

The people you’re prospecting are busy running their businesses. Confirm that they have time to speak with you and if not schedule a meeting. Keep your meetings short, less than 45 minutes.

All of my initial contacts are less than 5 minutes. At the end of the 5 minutes, I book a meeting with my prospect and send them relevant material so they can prepare.


Ask good questions

In sales, questions are your rudder to change the direction of a conversation. They’re the most effective conversation technique to learn more by talking less. I always start with general open-ended questions then become more specific. If you have to ask a sensitive question, buffer it by telling your prospect why you’re asking.

REMEMBER: Great salespeople ask the right questions, at the right time.


Focus on the benefits

DO NOT list the product features. Prospects want you to listen to their problems and offer them solutions. If they don’t realize they have a problem, they have no reason to speak with you.

Connect prospects with the solution by asking questions that target the problems you want to solve. For example: What are your biggest struggles with acquiring new customers?


Always Follow UP

More than 80% of my meetings have come from at least 3-5 phone calls. I invested into a simple CRM that I record all my calls, emails, contacts, etc. It helps me schedule follow-ups and remember previous conversations so that I’m always building the relationship. Every action is a step forward!

TIP: Not all CRM’s are the same. Some allow for more automation, while others only have very basic functions. If you’re curious about different CRM’s you’re welcome to contact me.

Prospecting is still one of the most valuable skill sets to advance your career or build your business. It takes some time to develop the different elements but is a great investment.

The best way to start is by getting out in the world and be social. The gym is one of my favorite places to meet new people!

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